Basketball apparel and streetwear, but better.

The HOOPR brand is a young start-up from Hamburg, Germany.

We strive for our apparel to be worn by everyone who loves basketball, fashion and comfort. We focus on durable and functional quality that will stand the test of time on the court, but also in everyday life. No matter where you're from, who you are - be a HOOPR.

Through creative and unique jersey and shorts designs, HOOPR gained popularity on social media within a year, initially under the alias "hoopr2k."

Increasing awareness led to a collaboration with YouTube sensation "Deestroying" (5 million subscribers) and his clothing brand "The Eleven" in early 2022.

A little while later, HOOPR was also given the opportunity to design a jersey for "BALLISLIFE". Ballislife is a brand that features basketball as well as streetball players on its platform, and has become a respected basketball apparel, media and event management company with an audience of millions.